Who Are We?

Good question, and one with a little history.

Several years ago a few technically savvy quilters who had met at various shows and other functions started sending email to each other oriented around their quilting and other topics. As this was a small group, it was easy for each to simply send the email to all the others. But, as the group grew, it became harder to manage for each individual what with people joining, dropping out, or changing email addresses. An obvious solution was to start an Internet List which would leave the management up to the administrator. Each person would simply have to send one email to the "list" and it would get distributed to all the members.

This worked for quite a long time and was very successful. The group even started organizing get-togethers on an annual basis at various spots around the country. A good time was had by all. But, as sometimes happens, differences in the membership and administration started to cause friction and many of the members dropped out of the group.

And so, a new group was put forth, Our Quilting Beehive, initiated by members of the older group who wanted to see a good experience for all. And the group was quickly accepted by many of the older group and the discussion lists were soon buzzing. Thus the origin of Our Quilting Beehive and the associated "Buzz" discussion list!

So, join us in the discussion list. It's a diverse group and we don't restrict our discussions to strictly quilting topics. Imagine, if you will, an old-fashioned quilting bee and what the discussion was around the quilting frame ... this is what we are emulating. Please, though, keep controversial and easily inflamed topics such as politics and religion off the group. It's not that we don't like your particular politic or religion, it is that we don't want to spoil the group by the types of discussions that they frequently deteriorate into.