Welcome to the mess!

Welcome! This is the new incarnation of the Quilting Beehive web site. Things are in a bit of a shambles right now but we are getting everything straightened out. Please excuse us if something isn't right. You can use the Contact Form to tell us about it. Please do, I try but I can't test everything.

As you can see we have a new design. It's similar to the older one. But the big change is under the covers. The site is on a new platform that means I have much better control over it. And I've learned a LOT about Drupal which drives the site. Our plans include:

  • Photo gallery – to bring back the one we lost a while ago
  • Wiki – To hold those recipes that we all stored. And I think I have all the old recipes too! I'll try to bring them back.
  • Blogs – if people show an interest. This might be good for folks who have a small business that want to post information about what they have available.
  • Event Calendar – I will scour the 'net and you can send in suggestions for events that you all would find interesting. I'll put up a calendar to hilight thm

I'm not sure what else. If you have any suggestions or requests please use the Contact Form to tell us about it.