Google+ details

This may be too long for some folks. It's optional reading! ;-)

Google Plus (Google+) is a "social network" site like Facebook but it has a bit of a twist to it. If you like Facebook you might like to check out Google+.

From using G+ for myself it seems that it has a slightly different outlook on how you "connect" with people.

On Facebook you need to Friend someone and they need to Friend you back to make the connection. You can create Groups in Facebook to gather similar "friends" together and view their updates, etc.

G+, however, uses something called Circles. They have some default names for Circles: Friends, Family, Acquaintances, and Following. But the interesting thing is that you can add ANYONE (that is a G+ member) to any of your circles. And you can add anyone to as many Circles as you like and you can create your own Circles. As many as you wish.

Sounds like it could get complicated quickly but it doesn't really. Because the Circles only mean YOU choose what to send out to WHOM.

There is one circle that's not optional. It's called PUBLIC. And I think it's the default for when you post something. That's easy to change but it just means that when you post to PUBLIC then anyone who has you in their Circle will see it.

That's not bad. If you post something as PUBLIC then, we think, that anyone who is interested in what we say (that has us in one of their Circles) is interested in seeing it.

But, let's say, we just want to send out to a Circle we call Beehive. Then we can do that easily. And ONLY those people who we have specifically added to our Circle called Beehive get it. And, in a twist that many do not appreciate, if you have someone in Beehive but THEY don't have you in a circle, then they DON't get the post. So, if I don't want to see your posts I simply leave you out of my Circles.

It's actually a pretty good system. I think it's better than Facebook's. You have much more control over who see's your posts but you can easily subscribe to public figure's postst without them have to reciprocate Friend requests.

I hope that helps. But was probably too long and technical. ;-)